A state of the art technology studio and education center to help kids learn beyond the classroom and keep pace with Silicon Valley.

Giving young enthusiasts the space to create…

…with the technology, teammates, and guidance to innovate.

For those who build, take your ideas further by experimenting with various 3D printing technologies and hundreds of different materials.

For the Developers

Built for the most sophisticated programmers, modelers, or game developers, our custom PCs are integrated into MWE Emperor stations to provide the ergonomics, visibility, and concentration needed to produce your best work.

For the Designers

Get a handle on leading AR capabilities available through Microsoft HoloLens and explore the the design opportunities available just at the edge of our senses.

For the Content Creators

Work with friends in a professional, media enabled podcast booth that reduces background noise by 27 decibels as you craft and record the content for your channels.

For the Curious

Want a book, we have it. If you’re ever in the mood to just relax and learn a new topic just grab one of our kindles on the way in and find a cozy spot to read. If the book isn’t already in our library, just ask and we’ll add it.

For the Explorers

Experiment with evolving VR capabilities as we begin to navigate new opportunities in the metaverse.

For the engineers, a space dedicated to building unique creations with Arduino kits, motors, sensors, other components needed to bring smart objects to life.

For the Team

The best innovations aren’t built alone. We’re building a community of the most talented, driven teens in the area to work together on ideas that they’re passionate about.

For the Aspiring

Enjoy a series of special speakers from different industries with a wide variety of experiences, in a space purpose-built for interactive demonstrations and lectures.

For the founders, when the time is right, use our space and our platform to test your ideas in the market. Be bold, and imagine all of the possibilities.

For the Innovators.
For the Creators.
For our Future Founders.