Advanced Tech Courses

A five part series on AI, AR/VR, 3D Printing, Unity, and Arduinos to show kids the possibilities of evolving technology and inspire them to learn more.

Day 1: Explore the latest in AR/VR capabilities, understand evolving use cases, and see how the applications are made.
Day 2: See how easy it is to get started in AI by understanding the fundamental principals and leveraging open source tools.
Day 3: Understand various types of 3D printing and experiment with our Makerbot and Glowforge printers to develop your own creations.
Day 4: From game development to VR/AR creations, Unity is empowering young innovators to think in different dimensions.
Day 5: The Arduino microcontroller is a young innovator’s dream. See what is possible with just a little bit of code and a wide array of sensors and motors.